WhatsApp Marketing: A new approach to engage with your customers

WhatsApp Marketing: A new approach to engage with your customers

Have you come across WhatsApp Marketing? Many of us are familiar with this well-known application primarily as a messaging tool. But do you have any idea? WhatsApp, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram, is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp's global relevance has increased with over 2 billion active users. The purpose of this article is to help those of you who are perplexed by the same question regarding what WhatsApp Marketing is, its benefits for businesses, and how to implement it.


What is WhatsApp Marketing?


WhatsApp Marketing is a type of one to one marketing, where individuals use WhatsApp as the primary touchpoints in a marketing campaign, or run a whole campaign on WhatsApp using WhatsApp business API. 


With billions of users using WhatsApp numerous times each day, businesses can use WhatsApp as a new channel for communicating with their customers. According to the latest Facebook Messaging Survey, most customers are more likely to remain faithful and purchase with a company with whom they connect directly. WhatsApp provides a platform for businesses to directly send marketing messages to clients in order to gain their confidence and make them hooked to their brands.


WhatsApp marketing is a tried-and-true method of providing your clients with a highly engaging messaging experience that differentiates you from the competition. As a result of the app's design, communication is done more seamlessly and with less friction, resulting in a stronger bond between both the brand and its customers.


Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for your Business


1. Personalized encounters


This messaging software gives several options for personalizing message experiences. By gathering data and providing seamless automated dialogues, WhatsApp chatbots provide tailored experiences to clients or customers. This guarantees that clients are happy, pleased, and engaged. This also enables firms to broaden their consumer base and get a competitive advantage in the market.


2. Tapping customers across geographies 


The main idea of WhatsApp marketing works with the message marketing principle and a customer centric strategy. It enables business owners to extend their operations and have a solid digital presence, allowing them to engage effortlessly with clients in both urban and rural locations. To accomplish this, they are implementing multilingual WhatsApp chatbots, which facilitate conversation and help the companies to efficiently engage both linguistically and culturally varied core audiences.


3. A wide range of features


Another main benefit of WhatsApp is that this software has a wide range of functionality. WhatsApp broadcast and group, which allows companies to send a range of material to 256 people at once, status sharing, as well as audio and video calling; all of these capabilities may be used to reach out to existing consumers as well as future customers. With its automation, speech recognition, and picture recognition features, WhatsApp Business API's connection with chatbots is also being utilized to facilitate successful client engagement. The bots manage various client enquiries in real-time and provide customers with live engagement experiences that aid in the fast resolution of their issues.


4. It’s free of cost


Most importantly, WhatsApp marketing is completely free. Considering the desires and budget issues of small business owners, this fab application has provided a plethora of fantastic business choices for free.


I’m sure, now you know WhatsApp is not just a chatting application and can do way more if you are into a business. Up to now we have seen what WhatsApp Marketing is, and its benefits for business. But do you know how to build up a winning WhatsApp Marketing Strategy? 


Here is a list  you need to follow when creating a WhatsApp marketing strategy for your business. 


1. Define your goals


Define your marketing goals before you begin your WhatsApp promotional campaign. This step will assist you in focusing your attention on significant pursuits while discouraging needless activities. Begin by going through your buyer journey and spotting any flaws. Consider what company objectives you can achieve with your WhatsApp marketing approach. Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) which will help you figure out if you have met your goals.

In simple terms, just follow these 3 steps for an effective marketing strategy.


  • Examine the current market plan.
  • Determine the blank spots in your marketing.
  • Employ WhatsApp to solve such issues.


2. Pin down your core audience


A buyer persona is a fictitious portrayal of your customer. It's vital because knowing who you're promoting to will make it much simpler to create successful, targeted content that appeals to your prospective buyer's goals and issues. 


3. Download the business app


WhatsApp Business, a cloud - connected application, was designed to fulfill the demands of small and large businesses. This tool includes several useful supplementary features such as:


  • A company profile that includes important information such as your address, firm description, email address, and website.
  • A catalog is a virtual display of your items.
  • Labels to help you arrange your customer conversations. 
  • Keep in touch with customers and provide answers quickly using automated responses.
  • Track statistics for texts of sent, delivered, received, and viewed


4. Create a contact list


A well targeted contact list is vital for a successful campaign. You'll need to have a contact list if you're planning to utilize WhatsApp as a marketing tool. Before receiving the message, WhatsApp needs customers to confirm that they wish to receive updates on WhatsApp. As a result, you must create a list of individuals who are already interested in your goods and services. This will result in a highly appropriate contact list that you may employ for various initiatives.


5. Create message and content


WhatsApp has a 99% response rate; but, if you publish outdated or poor content, you will squander the potential to use WhatsApp as a marketing channel. The actions individuals do after viewing your message are just as crucial as open rates in determining the effectiveness of your marketing.


Just remember

  • Always keep your content short and clear
  • Make use of multimedia files like videos, animations and even images
  • Use emojis whenever required
  • Most importantly, don’t spam your audience. 


6. Get input from customers and make improvements.


When combined with a feedback system, a well-thought-out marketing approach works wonders. Having a feedback system in place aids in validating your efforts. Identify dissatisfied clients and attempt to improve their experience. It assists you in measuring client happiness and identifying areas for improvement as well as aspects that are functioning well for them.


So why late start creating your marketing strategy and make your business grow. We at Intellasphere are a team of marketing experts ready to work on your project and create efficient campaigns to promote your brand on social media platforms. To learn more about our services, do contact us now.


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